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BAD bunnies

Available for: Apple, Google Play, Amazon

Introducing Bad Bunnies

Those pesky bunnies - on your lawn again? Get back your stolen goods and save your farm in Bad Bunnies!


The evil bunny minions have once again stolen all of your carrots - and they are holding them hostage up high in their hideouts! Take back what is rightfully yours and show those fluffy things that it’s a bad idea to mess with you!


Bad Bunnies is a challenging and addictive shooter game that puts you in control of a powerful cannon! It’s your job to blast the bunnies sky high - so that they will never dare to step ‘paw’ on your lawn again!


These aren’t the regular cute, fluffy and adorable bunnies - these are the evil scheming bunnies that want nothing more than to steal your precious carrots and watch you suffer! It’s gone too far... and now it’s time to show them who is boss in this town!


Use the intuitive on-screen controls to aim and fire - using the towers to sabotage the bunny hideouts! Cause havok and use special blocks to reign terror into their furry little hearts! This is revenge, and it’s your job to work your way through dozens of levels - collecting hundreds of stolen carrots and becoming the master of your land once again!


They are fluffy, they are crazy... and they are destined for doom! Play Bad Bunnies today!

- The ultra-addictive game; suitable for the whole family!
- Featuring beautiful graphics, and awesome 3D animations!
- Use special blocks to knock the bunnies senseless!
- Take revenge on the irritating animals!
- Work your way through dozens of exciting levels!

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"Awesome game Excellent physics and I'm lovin' the 3D graphics. Looks ace on a 10" tablet."

Mick Farnbrook