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Ms Hoskins 6th Grade Science

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Introducing Ms Hoskins 6th Grade Science, a great way for your students/children to experience Science in the 21st Century.


Kids are notoriously challenging to teach because in this day and age, they’re only engaged by technology... We saw this as a problem to overcome and really wanted to advance teaching into the modern era. The application for Ms Hoskins 6th Grade Science is the result of our efforts. Our app was originally designed specifically for one of our classes yet we truly believe that this educational app can be used by teachers, parents and children across the globe.

Our application is full of interactive content such as videos, lesson plans, quizzes and more. We also believe that children can benefit from learning with technology. It’s a great departure from textbooks and can provide learning on a platform that just wasn't feasible before. Now, you can bring Android tablets into your learning space and to show quizzes and videos with a touch of a button. Topics such as elements and compounds, force and motion and dozens more are included within the app. Our resources are perfectly designed to aid 6th Graders in their discovery of Science, Energy, and Space with each section full of videos to engage and interest your student, child or yourself.
We modernized learning so we believe it's time to modernize teaching too, with the vast resources and trusted content; You can provide an excellent learning curriculum for 21st Century Science.

Units Covered:
✬ Process Skills
✬ Lab Safety
✬ Measurement
✬ Energy
✬ Force and Motion
✬ Simple Machines
✬ Space Systems
✬ Elements and Compounds
✬ Properties of Matter
✬ Earth Systems
✬ Living Systems
✬ Using Earth's Resources
With each unit containing activities, quizzes, notes, and more!

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"If tablets had been available when I was taking 6th Grade Science, I would have been amazed by such an app. "