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UltimatE Mini Golf

Available for: iOS Devices, Google Play, Amazon

Introducing Ultimate Mini Golf

Do you love mini golf but never get the time to play it? We understand, so we have made the Ultimate Mini Golf application - mini golf at your fingertips!


Choose the course that you would like to play, set the ball’s target and putt! Can you master the hole? Enter the spooky, mysterious graveyard; brave the harsh desert; putt through thick snow and go retro in the cartoon level. Each course contains 9 difficult holes that you must direct the ball into!


Enter the curious worlds of mini golf as you aim to get the hole in as little shots as possible. Finally you are able to play mini golf on your sofa, in the car or even at 30,000 feet; the possibilities are endless! In this exciting game, you can putt in amazing, 3D worlds. There are 9 holes to every course - so you will never run out of exciting gameplay! However, it is not as easy as it seems as there are dozens of obstacles that block your path, you will have to maneuver around them to get the hole!


Enter the vibrant worlds including the desert, graveyard, snow, castle and cartoon levels, with 9 holes to complete on each. Ultimate Mini Golf will keep you entertained for hours on end with addictive gameplay and challenging obstacles to bypass. Tap to angle your shot and select the power - then tap once more to putt - will you get a hole in one?


Beware as golf skills may not be so helpful in this virtual world - you must use advanced tactics and skillful precision to get the best from your shot. Ultimate Mini Golf is addictive and fun to play - the whole family will love mini golf with a modern twist!

Experience Ultimate Mini Golf today!

- Amazing 3D graphics that pop from the screen

- Camera overview of each hole
- Addictive yet challenging gameplay
- 5 varying courses to explore and master!
- 9 holes to each course!
- Challenging obstacles to pass!

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"Great graphics and addictive gameplay. Console quality..."

Daren Deli