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Bad Bunnies

Ultimate Golf Tour is released!

In Ultimate Golf Tour, we have put 18 of the world's most prestigious fairways into your pocket - it's a totally new experience, even for the most experienced golfers!

Bad Bunnies

Bad Bunnies is released!

Bad Bunnies is a challenging and addictive shooter game that puts you in control of a powerful cannon! It’s your job to blast the bunnies sky high - so that they will never dare to step ‘paw’ on your lawn again!


HoskinsApps.com Launches

Hoskins Apps launches our new website to help provide top-notch service to our customers.

Flick It Sports

Flick It Sports is released!

We’re excited to announce that Flick it Sports is now live for Android, Amazon, and Apple devices.  Get the app today on Google Play, Amazon, or Itunes to start your Flick It Sports adventure.  

Gold Defenders

Gold Defenders is released!

Join the world of Gold Defenders, in this fast paced, tower-defense-styled game subverted in a 3D world! The Evil King has brought upon a fierce attack to your kingdom and threatens to take your treasures. An onslaught of soldiers will march into your ancient kingdom only to be greeted by your defenses; if you have any!